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not working

its not working at all,was just a game..thank you again for this useless application..will never buy anything from your store again!!!

Ne marche pas

Ne marche pas


Program does NOT fetch mms messages! I feel ripped off! It will send but will not fetch from the server. Should not be sold by this title

Rogers Canada..

The website says its supported, but I havent been able to get an mms through. No doubt they will get it fixed. The program works well otherwise. Well one message went through, the rest the other parties have to download via the fetch site, so thats not going to work. Sorry guys but Im moving you down to a 1.


This doesnt work at, sending from Rogers to Rogers the recipient gets a txt redirecting them to the Fetch website. Just have to wait for the I Phone upgrade in July which includes MMS, dont buy this product!!

Screw fetch

If I could it will be a BIG zero. It doesnt work at all! Dont buy this you will regret it

Neve works/non ha mai funzionato

Its a shame to pay for something Thats not working. È una vergogna pagare per qualcosa che non funziona

Get mms & fetch mms

Thats too dificult to use! Im no novice. U have to buy 2 packages for this to work. Im not even sure of it does! Wait for the real thing !!!!! Should not have been in the app store! How do I get a refund???

Stupid App. Dont waste your money.

Bought this app without reading its poor reviews. Sent my wife 2 pictures and she was unable to retrieve them. It said she had to "subscribe" first. What a waste.


Tried sending mms to 4 different people and all they get is gibberish. This is totally useless. I only give it 1 star bc 0 star is not an option. How do I get my $1.99 back?

A PIECE OF  

i want my $$ back .. crap doesnt even work !!! just sent a pic to my coworker to test it out .. and it said he had to subscribe !!! AND YES I READ THE DIRECTIONS  !!! i wish Apple will just hurry up and give us a MMS App like they were suppose to do few months back !! instead of having to spend $$ on BOOTLEG CRAP like this !!! 


I downloaded get mms. $1.99, then it said I needed to download fetch mms another $1.99. I have sent to 2 friends both on diffrent carriers. Both did not get pic. Also I did not rcv pics. Crap!!!

rip off

doesnt work..easier to email

Save your $$$$$

Good Idea but it does not work....Amazing iPhone has not come up with their own solution.....By the time my contract is up if they have not fixed this issue I will be getting a Blackberry..

So so- cant receive pictures

I researched this and similar apps to death and this one seemed the most promising. I was led to believe that people can respond to your picture text but they cant. They will get a bounced back text saying that they must text regularly or email. Several of my recipients havent received anything but some have. Good news is that the makers are quick to respond to your questions. THIS APP CAN ONLY SEND PIX, NOT RECEIVE THEM!

Does not work !!

Wasted money. Fetch and get msm are worthless !!! Ive been taken by AT&T adv message. Beware.

fetch garbage

how do I get my money back, this app has not worked since day I bought it. My peeps have yet to get a photo that Ive sent.


How can I get my $$ back? if it was free it wouldnt be worth the effort!

Refund please

I would definitely like a refund for this application. No matter who I sent a mms to, they never received it. This was truly a waist of my money and I very disappointed! Please provide me with a refund ASAP! Thanks!

This does not work with att

Everyone I know has att and none have received the photos. No message either to let you know why message did not go through.

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